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Jeffrey L. Payne


January 25, 2017


Internal Revenue Service

503(c) 3 Application Department


Re: Seminole 6 Sports Michael Goodman

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing this letter to commend Michael Goodman for the work that he is doing with the youth in Florence County through his organization called Seminole 6 Sports. I have been a sponsor of Seminole 6 for the past few years and I have done so since I have been so impressed with the work that Michael Goodman is doing.


I first got to know Michael when my son played on his 12-year-old recreational football team several years ago. I did not peculiarly pay attention to the Xs and Os that he incorporated into his football game plans but I did take notice of the way that Michael interacted with children of all races as well as income levels. He was excellent in working with children of all different backgrounds and it was amazing and very impressive to watch. It was also impressive to watch how much time, energy and personal money that Michael put into our team. When one child did not have a helmet that fit properly, Michael went out and purchased a special helmet for the child to wear. When a child did not have a proper chin strap, Michael purchased chin straps. It was very obvious that he was doing everything because he loved the children that were playing on the team. In addition to coaching and helping the youth with recreational football, Michael also was conducting camps for local children at McLeod Health & Fitness Center. I observed some of those camps and not only did Michael and his staff assist the children with the necessary skills of playing football but he also instilled in them life lessons which I thought was very impressive.


Seminole 6 Sports has also branched out recently in an effort to assist children and to train them on further life lessons. I know Michael is meeting with these children several days a week and is providing them with much needed instruction, which ranges from how to conduct

themselves at an interview and more importantly, stressing the importance of being on time and being proud of the type person that you will become.


If I can provide you with any further information regarding Seminole 6 Sports or Michael Goodman, please do not hesitate to call.






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