Melissa Mumford

 I first met Mike Goodman about 12 years ago when he coached my son Zach Mumford. Zach started out playing flag football at Freedom Florence for the FJFL and played until he went to Jr. High School. Over the years Mike had Zach on his team each year and he was more than just a coach to Zach. Me, being a single parent , watched Mike become a role model and mentor to my son . He has done that for so many young kids in the community and has spent countless hours and money making sure these kids had what they needed whether it was cleats or just quality time mentoring . He gets a scrimmage game up every year called 7 on 7 and raises money for backpacks filled with supplies for our youth, boys and girls. He raffles off gift cards, etc.. Mike has been a great influence Zach has considered him like a father figure and I am forever grateful for him. As soon as Zach was old enough Mike got him into coaching with him. August 25th, 2015 Mike did the most heroic thing ever .. He performed CPR on Zach at football practice after he was struck by lightening!! He was also struck along with a couple of others but immediately noticed Zach didn't get up and he did what he was taught and saved Zach until first responders could get there and take over. Please help me commend Mike fur his great works with our youth. He gets so much joy from helping others and asks nothing in return except to make him proud. Thank you for being who you are Mike. A true leader.






PHONE: 843-230-0198


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